BLGF signage

Design of interior directional signage for the La Grange-Fleuret music library (BLGF) in Paris.

BLGF, known until recently under the name Médiathèque Musicale Mahler, was founded by Maurice Fleuret and Henry-Louis de La Grange in 1986, and acquired in 2019 by the Royaumont Foundation.

Since 2021, after three years of modernization, BLGF has once again been open to researchers and now also to the general public. The private mansion that houses it has been completely redesigned to invite you to discover repertoires from the Belle Epoque to the contemporary era, in an atmosphere that is both chic and friendly.

The signage that we have deployed there makes it possible to affirm the identity of the institution by the strong presence of signs and colors, with the concern of prolonging the play of light –natural and synthetic– which develops all along the tour route.

  • Project management, artistic direction, graphic design : Bruno Bernard
23 September 2023

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